Venomous Snakes

The Southern (Common) Death Adder lures their prey by waving the tip of their tail mimicking the movement of a worm.

The unsuspecting prey tricked into a prospect of an easy meal but ended up being a meal for the Death Adder instead!

The Park has a number of venomous snakes on display. All snakes mentioned below belong to the Elapidae family. Species from this group are highly venomous and vary greatly in length as well as body form; some snakes are short-bodied and stout while others have elongated bodies and long tails. All snakes from this group have fangs located near the upper jaw and is use to bite prey before restraining them.

Venomous snakes are plentiful in Australia and can be found all over the country. Australia is known to have 20 of the deadliest snakes in the world!

Visit the links below to learn more about the snakes from this group.

Desert Death Adder


Eastern Brown Snake

Mulga Snake (King Brown)

Southern (Common) Death Adder

Spotted Mulga (Butler's) Snake

Western Brown Snake - Gwardar

Western Tiger Snake


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