Scientific name: Tiliqua scincoides intermedia
Family: Scincidae
Order: Squamata
Status: Least Concern

Habitat and Distribution

In WA they are in semi arid and sub humid Kimberley south to Broome, Fitzroy Crossing and Bungle Bungle Range, also northern NT and far northwest QLD.

About the animal:

  • Largest blue-tongue which can grow to about 60cm;
  • Have a long tail;
  • Colouration is quite variable with dark and light bands;
  • This sub species bands are often obscure and mottled on the tail;
  • At the approach of danger it will invariably choose to retreat, but if cornered it will hiss as show its blue tongue;
  • Slow moving lizard.

What they eat?

Diet includes snails, insects, flowers, native fruits, soft plant material and fungi.


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