Scientific name: Acanthophis antarcticus
Family: Elapidae
Order: Squamata
Status: Venomous

Habitat and Distribution

Shelters in or under deep fixed leaf litter usually in close proximity to an overhanging low bush.

About the animal:

  • The stoutest of the death adders;
  • Colouration is extremely variable usually with distinct cross-bands. The undersurface us creamish grey, often with dark blotches;
  • Grows to about 75cm (females are longer than males);
  • Sedentary, habitually burrowing under soft soil or leaf litter to await passing prey;
  • The main danger to humans is treading upon, or within striking range of it, as any movement may provoke a strike;
  • The snakes are born live.

What they eat?

Common Death Adder feeds on lizards, small birds and mammals and occasionally frogs.

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