Scientific name: Canis Lupus dingo
Family: Canidae
Order: Carnivora
Status: Least Concern

Habitat and Distribution

Found in any part of the Australian mainland (not built up urban areas) as long as they have access to water.

About the animal:

  • An adult dingo stands about 60cm tall;
  • The most familiar colour is ginger, but they may be black, white or tan coloured;
  • Shy animals that live in small territorial packs;
  • Dingos do not bark – they howl;
  • The Dingos becomes sexually mature at the age of one year and they take a lifetime mate. Breeding takes place only once a year.

What they eat?

They are an opportunistic carnivore (meat eating) predator hunting mainly at night. They prefer mammals but this diet can be supplemented by reptiles, insects and the like.


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