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The West Australian Reptile Park is the vision of Gane Doyle Snr whose passionate interest in reptiles and wildlife began in his childhood years.

His interest continued throughout his nine years of army service even collecting reptile specimens for the Australian Museum during his 12 months service in Vietnam. His love of Australian native animals and reptiles led to the purchased of 4.5 hectares of bushland in the Swan Valley in November 1965 with a view of establishing an animal sanctuary in the future. Gane and his wife June, together with their children, Gane Jnr and Tammy settled on their property in June 1970.

In the intervening years help was given to the public in removing reptiles from houses and business premises, caring of injured and displaced animals and eventually relocating these animals to their natural habitat. The Park is actively involved in educating the wider community about the importance of wildlife conservation.

After much perseverance, permission to open a Reptile Park was granted by the by the relevant authorities in 1993. The park was officially opened to the public in 2003. Gane and June together with their son Gane Jnr. planned and developed the Park which they currently operate. The family’s dedication to community education on wildlife conservation has made the Park what it is today. The Park has become a favourite family attraction welcoming many visitors over the years.

The family is very grateful and appreciative of the help given over the years by all our family members, friends and many loyal volunteers that have contributed to the development and operation of the Park.

The Park is totally self-funding and relies completely on gate receipts for its income. It does not receive any state or federal funding.

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