Scientific name: Morelia spilota
Family: Pythonidae
Order: Squamata
Status: Non-Venomous

Habitat and Distribution

Shelters in a wide rage of sites from hollow tree limbs to rock crevices and burrows of other animals.

About the animal:

  • A large python with small fragmented head scales;
  • Usually grows about 2.5 m, but can grow up to 4m;
  • Wide variety of colourings. In the Darling range area, the snake often seen with less bold colourings compare to the one seen in Swan Coastal Plain;
  • Mainly nocturnal;
  • Usually a quiet snake that shows little objection to being handled;
  • Oviparous (lays eggs).

What they eat?

Feeds mainly on mammals and birds, occasionally feeds on lizard.

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