Oblong Turtle

Scientific name: Chelodina oblonga
Family: Chelidae
Order: Testudines
Status: Least Concern

Habitat and Distribution

Found in permanent waterways of the Southwest of WA and some semi-permanent swamps.

About the animal:

  • Dorsal surface dark brown to black. Ventral whitish;
  • Grows between 30 - 40 cm shell length;
  • Found in slow moving rivers, lakes and swamps;
  • Will bury into mud when water dries up;
  • Female turtles will travel several metres to find suitable nesting and they will leave the water in spring and summer to lay their eggs;
  • Females travel away from water to lay eggs from October to November.

What they eat?

Oblong turtles are carnivorous and feeds on crustaceans, water bugs, tadpoles, small fish and ducklings.

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