Desert Death Adder

Family: Elapidae
Order: Squamata
Status: Venomous

Habitat and Distribution

A nocturnal terrestrial species which spends its days burrowed in loose red sand, especially under clumps of porcupine grass.This species is widespread but patchily distributed in drier parts of WA and central Australia.

About the animal:

  • A stout snake with a distinct broad head;
  • The body may be orange or reddish brown with paler narrow cross-bands;
  • Can gown up to 75cm long;
  • Produces live young - approximately a dozen in a litter;
  • The tail is used as a lure to attract prey by being placed close to the head and wriggled convulsively approached by a potential meal.

What they eat?

Desert Death Adder feeds on small mammals and reptiles.

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