Scientific name: Pseudonaja textilis
Family: Elapidae
Order: Squamata
Status: Venomous

Habitat and Distribution

It is found in a wide area of Eastern Australia. In WA it can be found near Kununurra.

About the animal:

  • Have a slender streamlined body and the head is not distinct;
  • The adult snake is uniform in colour, but juvenile snakes may have up to 50 bands;
  • Generally grow to 1.4m;
  • It is active during the day;
  • It bites then paralyses its prey by winding itself around the creature;

  • When attacking it curves itself up into a S shape and slightly flattens its neck when it is angry. It strikes with its mouth wide open;

What they eat?

Eastern brown snake eats mice, lizards, snakes and birds.

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